My development process includes the following


Your developmental process starts with an initial consultation. This first contact is to determine whether I am a good fit for your needs as a complementary healthcare provider/coach/hypnotherapist. For me, it is a great opportunity to get to know you and your problem. I will assess whether your solution is in my scope of practice or not. I will point you to the right direction if I believe that your solution lays in a licensed health care professional’s hands. This consultation is done via phone or Skype.

Initial Intake Session

Next step in the development process is the Pathfinder session. This is your first face-to-face meeting with me. I will ask you questions regarding your problem and establishes the baseline for all interventions I plan to do with you. There is no obligation after your Pathfinder session to take any further therapy/coaching sessions. It is an essential part of the development process.

During your 2-hour intake session, you will hear valuable insights about yourself. Also, I will ask you to consider different options to look at your problem.

For some clients, these basic options will give enough insight to take action toward what they want. The mere movement of their action eliminates unwanted negative emotions.

For other clients the next 2 sessions are the most appealing especially when someone’s past is riddled with trauma:

  • Complete negative emotion cleansing from the past, along with limiting beliefs with Time Line Therapy®
  • Mental strategy detection and change with NLP
  • Personal values elicitation and values alignment
  • Wants vs. needs and changing a vision/dream into a goal

Personal Breakthrough Session

Your Breakthrough Session will take 16-18 hours. During your 3-4 hours sessions, you will learn about your mind and how well it works with you as long as you know the secret language.

The secret language of your mind is simple, and it is unique to you. Learning about how your mind works will enable you to understand your relationship better to communicate with your partner and family members on an entirely new level. And it is a good thing to have strong communication skills with people close to you.

“When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Work with me to get rid of past negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decision. Any trauma that you have experienced -whether remembered or repressed- will be completely released.  You can schedule your Pathfinder and Breakthrough sessions by calling at 702-605-0537.

Content Is Not Needed

Remember, negative emotions are powerful and they do have a purpose! What happened in the past with you and why will be not discussed. There is no need for the story unless it is absolutely necessary for you to talk about it.

Not a Repressed Memory Recovery Session

This is NEVER a recovery for past traumatic memories! I will simply ask you to identify the emotion that you are feeling.

If you remember past Significant Emotional Events (SEEs), you will be asked to identify only the emotions that you wish to release, not the content of the event.

I Will Never Remove a Memory

I will never participate in memory removal either. Simply, because you need the learnings from your past events to preventing you from those events happening again. They happened for a reason. Because you will be installing a new belief, they won’t happen again.

You Will Feel Negative Emotions

You will feel negative emotions after my sessions. Feeling emotions -positive and negative- is what makes us human. It is our human experience. Holding on to past negative emotions though is completely unnecessary.

Accelerated Awareness of Negative Emotions

What you will find interesting though after my sessions, is the accelerated awareness of your emotional response to future events. Accepting what is happening to you and deciding how to respond to emotional events is an extra bonus of my Sessions.

You will feel empowered when you choose your response. All the time? Right away? Will it be the perfect response? No, and you will feel a delayed response to events. The delayed response is caused by an internal question: how do I want to respond to this event?

These milliseconds of awareness will change how you look at things.

  • Choices appear that were not there before. Trust in self will appear which was not there before. Pleasant surprises about yourself and others will emerge.

Our Mind Makes it Real

You will be asked several times by Anita to use your imagination. You will say: I don’t know… and she will ask: What would you say if you would know? Brain waves are the same on the EEG machine whether the object is imagined or real. Our mind makes it real. (Very ‘Matrix-y” huh?)

“I have spent years to develop the best way to facilitate my client’s development process. I specialized in releasing emotions from past traumatic events. I believe in my clients! I love what I do and I am passionate about the science of consciousness. Anita Saldana

It is true, though! Mental rehearsal of successful events is thought by famous coaches and plenty of results coming from these type of mental activities. You will have the chance to practice this with Anita. Results are amazing! Internal representations and our physiology create different states which drive our behavior through strategies. Your entire life story is about to be rewritten through these processes.

Values Alignment

Values are the second most unconscious filters in our head (NLP Communication Model). Our everyday behavior is attached to our Beliefs and our beliefs are attached to our Values. Detecting and moving values around; therefore intimately affects our behavior.

Results of The Development Process

In conclusion, our Emotional Body’s cleansing will happen just as fast as you can use your imagination. Our mental processes and changes in our mental processes are just as fast. Using mind-body tools of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® to change our mental processes to create lasting changes require us to engage and stay engaged with our Unconscious Mind. You will be “baggage free” after your personal breakthrough, staying in your power with an executable plan.

Call me today at 702 605 0537. Prepare for a pleasant Hungarian accent.